namespace Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore
    public static class ExecutionStrategyExtensions
        public static Task<TResult>! ExecuteInTransactionAsync<TState, TResult>(IExecutionStrategy! strategy, TState state, Func<TState, CancellationToken, Task<TResult>!>! operation, Func<TState, CancellationToken, Task<bool>!>! verifySucceeded, Func<DbContext!, CancellationToken, Task<IDbContextTransaction!>!>! beginTransaction, CancellationToken cancellationToken = default);
.NET 8.09.0
.NET Core
Information specific to net9.0

Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore , Version=, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60

Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore , Version=, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60


Your project needs a package reference to Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.

Package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore net8.0
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